Our Mission is to provide quality, compassionate care in the communities we serve.

Hospital Quality Measures

At San Ramon Regional Medical Center, we strive to deliver safe, cost-effective care to the community and patients we serve. We’re committed to continually improving our overall quality of care and patient safety, nursing practice, medical staff governance and other areas of patient care.

We actively work to address issues with patient safety and reporting, physician excellence, nursing excellence and patient throughput.

Patient Safety & Reporting Results

We leverage systems and management leadership to improve the safety of clinical care for patients and build programs to support the same. We are focused on improving reporting systems in our hospitals, as well as improving processes for communicating performance results.

Physician Excellence

We follow a set of standard policies and procedures for governing hospital medical staff. This allows us to have a consistent model of governance and medical staff structure that supports quality of care, patient safety and documentation of physician excellence.

Nursing Excellence

Today’s nursing shortage is health care’s most pressing crisis, impacting access to care, affordability of care and clinical quality. We strive to be the Employer of Choice in nursing through a series of targeted initiatives to recruit, develop, support, and retain strong talent across all nursing areas.

Patient Throughput

Process improvement is something we constantly do as we work on the care delivery processes at our hospital. We study activities that make up the care delivery process and implement operational improvements and efficiencies intended to manage capacity and prevent delays, and result in enhanced patient, doctor and staff satisfaction through a more uniform care experience.

Our Commitment to Quality Pledge

We strive to:

  • Provide exceptional clinical care to every patient we serve
  • Respect our patients, employees and affiliated doctors
  • Maintain the highest ethical and clinical standards of care
  • Enhance the practice and delivery of every aspect of patient care
  • Safeguard the integrity and safety of our patients and employees
  • Enhance doctor and nurse leadership and medical staff governance
  • Manage costs and resources efficiently
  • Share knowledge and best practices with other health care providers

If you have questions or comments about the quality of care at San Ramon Regional Medical Center, please call the main hospital number at (925) 275-9200.