Joseph's Brain Tumor Story

Oct 17, 2019

Joseph with therapist and familyJoseph was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, more commonly known as a brain tumor, at the age of 13. After a grueling 18-hour surgery, Joseph made a full recovery defying all warnings of horrific side-effects and was back to school within two weeks with a scar to prove it.

Staring at six weeks of radiation and 13 months of chemo, Joseph’s Little League career was put on hold. For over a year, Joseph couldn’t do the things most young men get to do in their spare time. He lost all muscle tone, stamina and strength as all of his strength went to fighting the fight of his life. Once treatment was complete and with the suggestion of a friend, Joseph’s family found Tony Carrera, personal trainer, at the Sports Performance Institute (SPI) at San Ramon Regional Medical Center.

Joseph doing pullupsUnder Carrera’s guidance and expertise, Joseph has made significant strides in gaining muscle tone, strength and energy. “I know I’m gaining in strength because each session I gain a little more weight to lift,” Joseph said with a smile.

Carrera said within three weeks he saw, “Joseph’s posture come up, his chest push out and his self-confidence increase but that’s all on him. I just give him a program to follow and he does it all. He’s such a good kid and hard worker. It’s been an honor to train Joseph.”

“I enjoy working with Tony. He has become a friend and family member,” Joseph said. Carrera’s take away: “Joseph has taught me to not take life for granted, because you just don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call SPI at (925) 275-6166.

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