San Ramon Regional Medical Center Celebrates Volunteer Month

Oct 1, 2019

San Ramon, Calif. – San Ramon Regional Medical Center is proud to recognize the incredible work of its volunteers as part of National Volunteer Month.

San Ramon volunteersSRRMC recognized its hospital volunteers on Tuesday, April 23, by hosting a celebration luncheon in honor of their dedication and service to the hospital. The volunteers served more than 21,400 hours at the hospital in 2018. They provide ongoing assistance and support for patients, visitors, hospital staff and the community.

“The selfless support and dedication of our family of volunteers contribute greatly to our hospital’s success,” said Ann Lucena, CEO of San Ramon Regional Medical Center. “We strive today and every day to express our sincere appreciation to our volunteers. We are proud to celebrate their amazing achievements and their passion for serving our community.”

Volunteers at San Ramon Regional Medical Center – which consist of adults and high school students – are an integral part of the hospital team. They assist in various areas of the hospital including front desk, gift shop, emergency department, patient floor service, diet office, volunteer office and clerical.

San Ramon therapy dog“For many of our members, they volunteer to be a part of something greater and give back to a community to which they have a strong connection,” said Susan Abalos, Director of Volunteer Services. “We have more than 150 active volunteers at San Ramon Regional Medical Center and they’re all here to help our community and enhance the care provided to our patients.”

The hospital’s group of volunteers also includes therapy dogs and their handlers who visit patients once a week. Therapy dogs are trained to provide affection and comfort to people in stressful situations. Scientific research has shown that interaction with animals can significantly improve a person’s physical and emotional health. They can also help lower stress levels and help people cope with loss and depression, proving very beneficial in a hospital setting.

For more information on volunteering at SRRMC, please call (925) 275-8291.

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