San Ramon CEO Recognized by Local Rotary Club

Oct 1, 2019

San Ramon, CA, July 1, 2016 – San Ramon Regional Medical Center CEO Gary Sloan was recently recognized for his outstanding leadership as the president of the Rotary Club of San Ramon.

During Gary Sloan’s presidency, the Rotary Club of San Ramon had an outstanding year. Following are a few highlights of the year in review and the projects completed with the CEO from San Ramon Regional Medical Center at the helm.

The Iron Horse Trail Project

The Iron Horse Trail projectThe Iron Horse Trail Project was a collaborative project with the City of San Ramon to enhance the Iron Horse Trail through the installation of ten rest nodes featuring benches, trees, scrubs and irrigation.

The project included a joint Rotary Club workday project featuring a cleanup campaign along the trail with Cal High Interact students and San Ramon Boy Scouts. The six club joint Rotary Club project resulted in a $28,000 donation for the City of San Ramon’s Iron Horse Trail Improvement.

The Rotary Club also sponsored an essay contest for students to write about what the Iron Horse Trail means to them and their community. A cash prize was awarded to the three finalists pictured below, who attended the bench dedication ceremony on the Iron Horse Trail with Mayor Bill Clarkson.The Iron Horse Trail project 02

Senior Smoke Alarm Projectsenior smoke alarm project

Each year Rotarians assist Seniors in the Sunny Glen Community. Rotarians install replacement Smoke Alarms and Carbon Dioxide Alarms where none or inoperable alarms exist. It’s a great day to visit with seniors and lend a helping hand.

San Ramon Valley Education Foundation Online Auction

The Rotary Club of San Ramon partners each year with the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation in support of the Online Auction for Education. During the October Auction, the Rotary Club of San Ramon raised $80,000 in funds online. The donation was made to the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation in support of their 4 major causes: Classrooms of the Future, Literacy, STEM and Professional Development.

Rotary Club of San Ramon Notable Projects

  • San Ramon Valley Education Foundation Auction
  • Community Grants $28,000
  • Sunny Glen Smoke Alarm Project
  • California High School Scholarships $22,000
  • Educator of the Year Program
  • California High Student of the Month
  • California High School Interact Program
  • San Ramon Art & Wind Festival
  • Annual Veteran’s Luncheon
  • Annual San Ramon Christmas Tree Lot

Thank You

The Sloans

The Rotary Club thanks the Sloans for their year of giving back to the community.

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