Quick-Thinking Physical Therapist Saves Woman's Life

Oct 1, 2019

San Ramon, Calif. – A physical therapist from San Ramon Regional Medical Center may have saved the life of a local woman, thanks to her quick-thinking and perceptive instincts.

Kim Howard was speaking on the topic of vertigo at a recent community talk in Livermore, when she noticed one of the attendees in the back row who appeared to be passed out and unresponsive.

Kim HowardWithout thinking twice, Howard stopped her presentation to tend to the woman. She checked her vitals and noticed the woman was warm, sweaty and her heart rate was low. Howard immediately asked one of her hospital colleagues to call 9-1-1. The two lifted the woman off the chair and laid her flat on the floor. They elevated her legs while another attendee held her head up to get the blood flowing to her heart.

Howard continued to check the woman’s pulse and could not get a reading. As she was getting ready to perform CPR, the woman opened her eyes and began breathing. Howard asked her a series of questions to try and determine what happened. After a few minutes, the woman started to smile and feel better. She was lifted back onto her chair until the paramedics arrived.

“Kim’s expertise, quick reaction and initiative to get first aid started saved that woman’s life,” said Belinda Berdan, administrative assistant at San Ramon Regional Medical Center. “The other attendees in the room were so grateful for her calm and quick action. It was amazing to watch Kim handle the situation so calmly and professionally.”

After the paramedics arrived to transport the woman to the hospital, the attendees encouraged Howard to finish her presentation, which she did.

San Ramon Regional Medical Center is proud to have such amazing employees on its staff who go above and beyond on a daily basis, not only at the hospital, but out in the community as well.

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