Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at SRRMC Continues to Impact Local Patients

Oct 1, 2019

cardiac rehab patients with giftsSan Ramon, Calif. – The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at San Ramon Regional Medical Center guides heart patients through recovery, offering support, exercise and education for healthy lifestyle changes.

Patients benefit from the program if they’ve had a recent heart attack, coronary artery bypass surgery, angioplasty, stent coronary artery disease (CAD), congestive heart failure (CHF), other coronary interventions, or those who have other risk factors for developing heart disease.

Rebuilding strength and preventing future cardiac disease is important after a coronary event. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program – which consists of four phases – provides education and support which may: optimize fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance, provide a greater sense of well-being, improve quality of life, increase energy, reduce the need for future hospitalizations, and more.

“What makes the San Ramon Regional Medical Center’s cardiac rehab program so great is that we exercise with on-site nurses while wearing heart monitors, it makes me feel so safe,” one participant said.

“We exercise to get back in shape, building up our endurance and strengthening our heart muscle,” another participant added.

male cardiac rehab patientsThe rehabilitation team at San Ramon Regional Medical Center works with each participant to create an individualized rehab plan. Designed to meet each participants’ unique needs and goals, the plan is designed to help achieve an optimal level of health and fitness. Key components of the program include the following: medically supervised exercise and fitness sessions, heart healthy education, nutrition counseling and classes, and stress management.

The program not only brings immense health benefits for its participants, but it also provides a great sense of camaraderie and community. For example, May 16, 2018, was the final day of the 30-day “Spring Cleaning Challenge” for our cardiac rehab classes. This is just one way to sweep away the things that are holding participants back from achieving their fitness goals – i.e. chips, soda or sweets.

For more information on the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at San Ramon Regional Medical Center, community members may call 925-275-8444. Classes usually begin several weeks after hospital discharge and are three times per week for approximately 36 sessions (three-month commitment).

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