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San Ramon Regional Medical Center Acquires New Lung Biopsy Assessment Technology

Feb 21, 2023

lung-biopsy-300x200San Ramon, Calif. – San Ramon Regional Medical Center is proud to announce it has acquired new biopsy technology to help diagnose lung cancer earlier and more accurately.

San Ramon Regional Medical Center is the second hospital in California to utilize the CelTivity Biopsy System.

A biopsy is a medical procedure that involves taking a small sample of body tissue so it can be examined under a microscope. With CelTivity, the system conducts the biopsy and then provides an in-room assessment within two-minutes for the physician to review. This allows the physician to view the biopsy images before they are delivered to the laboratory for final diagnosis.

Using CelTivity – similar to a PET scan – the cell shape, size and activity are illuminated in a heatmap making it easy to interpret. Unlike traditional methods, this does not require any cutting or staining, meaning the same tissue can go to final pathology to review for cancer, granuloma, lymphocytes, and more.

“By allowing physicians to review the biopsy images immediately, the technology helps minimize the number of potential inconclusive biopsies and the need to redo the procedure. If there any findings, this also allows for earlier treatment if necessary,” said Wilson Tsai, M.D., Thoracic Surgeon at San Ramon Regional Medical Center. “In some instances, CelTivity has showed me a high probability of lung cancer. The system transforms the way tissue biopsies are assessed and diagnosed while filling a gap in the continuum of care.”

Many healthcare facilities don’t have the technology for real-time biopsy readings in the procedural room, and have to send samples out, sometimes waiting days for results. These delays can prolong the potential diagnosis, impacting a patient’s treatment timeline. CelTivity provides immediate answers, accelerating the diagnostic timeline for patients.

“We are thrilled to be partners with Dr. Wilson Tsai, Dr. Navdeep Singh, and the team at San Ramon Regional Medical Center,” said Bertrand de Poly, CEO of Aquyre Biosciences. “CelTivity is designed to provide doctors more insight in-room, giving them data they’ve never had before.”