Outpatient Surgery Center at San Ramon 

Having earned a reputation as a regional center of excellence in minimally invasive surgery, San Ramon Regional Medical Center and its staff bring their skills, experience and technology to the community with the opening of a new 17,500 square-foot outpatient surgery center. The Outpatient Surgery Center at San Ramon features technologically advanced surgical suites, each equipped for minimally invasive or less complicated, shorter procedures, which do not require an overnight hospital stay.

Today with the new surgical and anesthesia technologies, more and more surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis. Surgical procedures to be performed routinely at the Outpatient Surgery Center at San Ramon include:

  • arthroscopy and other orthopedic procedures
  • laparoscopic gynecology procedures
  • tonsil and adenoid removal and other ear, nose and throat procedures
  • pain management blocks
  • laser surgeries
  • cataract and other eye surgeries
  • breast and other biopsies
  • general surgical procedures
  • cosmetic surgery
  • urology procedures
  • bunionectomies and other podiatric procedures
  • dental or oral surgery
Surgeons on the hospital medical staff may perform surgery at the Outpatient Surgery Center at San Ramon.

About Outpatient Surgery Center at San Ramon

  • 17,500 square-foot surgery center on one level for easy patient access
  • Six surgical suites and minor procedure room (four surgical suites opened initially)
  • Each surgical suites equipped for advanced technology for endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery – endoscopic telebooms, computerized charting and efficient surgical workstations
  • 10 recovery beds with two private recovery rooms
  • Seven-bed pre-operative nursing area
  • Registration, pre-registration blood tests and insurance billing all take place in the surgery center -- saving patients time and providing convenience
  • Patients can pre-register online on the hospital Web site, Pre-Registration.
  • Committed to maintaining a high nurse-to-patient ratio to help ensure high quality care before, during and after surgery

Located on the northeast corner of the San Ramon Regional Medical Center campus, the surgery center has easy access, yet out of the way from the main hospital. Directions to the campus.

Outpatient Surgery Center at San Ramon
5801 Norris Canyon Road
San Ramon, California 94583
Tel 925.275.8800
Fax 925.275.8899


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