Family Birthing Center of San Ramon 

Every baby is special and unique - especially your baby. So when you choose a hospital for your baby's birth, you'll want a special place. The Family Birthing Center at San Ramon Regional Medical Center is a place where the technology is advanced yet the setting is cozy and intimate. The first impression is one of family, warmth and comfort, and it's our nurses who make your stay so nurturing. They have years of experience and are here to promote a memorable birth. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, it's special. The birthing team at San Ramon invites you to make your child's birthday a joyous, memorable celebration.

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Features of the Family Birthing Center include:

  • Private birthing suites with private baths
  • Family centered care
  • Level II intensive care nursery
  • Children's Hospital Oakland pediatrician in the hospital 24-hours daily
  • Newborn hearing screening program
  • Childbirth education classes and tour

Birthing Suites

The Family Birthing Center features comfortable birthing suites where you can labor, deliver and recover in a private room. Each suite is equipped with an adjustable birthing bed and the medical equipment needed for delivery. Cesarean sections are performed right in the Family Birthing Center, and you're taken to your private room after delivery. With your doctor's consent, you may choose the birthing method you prefer; you may have family or friends attend the birth with you; you may even bring your grandmother's heirloom comforter to help make the arrival of your new baby as comfortable and homelike as possible. In fact, the birthing suites and private rooms are more like decorated bedrooms than hospital rooms, and each has a private bathroom.

After you deliver, your baby sleeps in a crib next to you. You may care for your baby yourself or you can ask your nurse to take over while you get some rest.

Family Centered Care

Nursing care at the Family birthing Center is personal and professional. Nurses generally work "one-on-one" with patients in labor, which makes the bond between nurse and family especially trusting and comfortable. And since they care for families on 12-hour shifts, the same nurses may be there before, during and after childbirth. You are the most important part of the birth team, and our staff is flexible and accommodating. We honor many birthing methods as long as they meet with the approval of your obstetrician. For example, it's your choice whether to use medication or not -- anesthesiologists are available 24-hours a day. Always feel free to ask questions.

Infant security is a high priority in the Family Birthing Center. We keep the unit locked and screen all visitors. When you are admitted to the Family Birthing Center, we will acquaint you with our security procedures and provide you with the information you will need.

An Intensive Level of Care

Life's first moments are its most precious… but if everything isn't perfect, our infant intensive care comes in many forms. It begins with a team that includes your obstetrician, anesthesiologist, labor and delivery nurse, pediatrician and neonatal intensive care nurse. It also includes the reassurance that comes with our Level II intensive care nursery and a neonatologist on-call around the clock.

Children's Hospital Oakland Pediatricians

A pediatrician from Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland is here 24-hours a day. If your private pediatrician is not available, our in-hospital pediatricians provide care for your baby throughout the hospital stay. They attend births, monitor the healthy newborns and care for babies who need extra attention in our intensive care nursery.

Newborn Hearing Screening Program

Newborns at the Family Birthing Center are screened for hearing impairment before they go home. Hearing impairment is one of the most common disabilities at birth, and if undetected, may affect language development.

Childbirth Education Classes and Tour

We offer helpful classes designed for expectant parents that cover prenatal care, prepared childbirth and infant care. You'll also want to register for a tour of the Family Birthing Center to get acquainted with the hospital prior to your delivery. A tour begins with an orientation to the Family Birthing Center and a visit to the birthing suites, private rooms and nursery. Call 800.284.2878 for class and tour reservations or register online at Find an Event - Maternity Service topic.

Lactation Services

Many believe that breastfeeding is one of life's most natural acts... but for some moms it doesn't come naturally. Questions do... about the health benefits of breast milk, whether baby is getting enough milk, about feeding schedules, and how to return to work while continuing to breastfeed. For these questions and countless others, our trained nursing staff and certified lactation consultants offer answers, techniques, and suggestions to help facilitate your breastfeeding success.

FAQS on the Family Birthing Center

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Pre-registration for your hospital stay is recommended. Call our admitting department at 925.275.8258.

Physician Referral

For the names of obstetricians and pediatricians on Medical Staff at San Ramon Regional Medical Center, visit Find a Physician or call 800.284.2878.

Questions?  Contact Us to request additional information.

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