Diabetes Management Program 


A Diabetes Self-Management Class is offered throughout the year.

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Counseling and education for your diabetes needs

San Ramon Regional Medical Center’s diabetes program provides resources for those who want to improve their diabetes management. The team of diabetes educators emphasizes the importance of integrating the major components of diabetes care into one’s lifestyle. Family members are encouraged to participate in all educational sessions offered.

ADA Certification

Our Diabetes Management Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Our program is certificated as a quality diabetes self-management education program. The ADA assures that our diabetes education programs meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs. Click here to view the Press Release.

Our Program

Diabetes educators assess the needs of each client. Then together, the educators and client formulate a plan of care to meet identified individual goals. This team approach provides a learning environment for improving diabetes self-management.

The diabetes program includes training in self-management skills that promote blood glucose control.

• Meal planning
• Exercise
• Stress management
• Medication management
• Insulin education
• Blood glucose monitoring
• Prevention and treatment of potential complications
• Problem solving

Meal Planning

Proper nutrition is important to obtain optimal blood glucose and blood lipid levels. Guidelines are given for regulating medication and food intake to support everyday activities and exercise. Nutritional education provides clients the basis to incorporate meal planning into their lifestyles with safety, convenience and efficacy in mind.


Our goal is to encourage active lifestyles. Guidelines are provided for adjusting medication and food intake to accommodate exercise. In conjunction, basic rules of exercise are introduced to assist clients in undertaking physical activity designed with safety and efficacy in mind.

Medication Management

Clients who require medication receive education about the benefits and concerns of using medication to achieve metabolic control.

Intensive Insulin Management

(Type 1/Type 2 patients on insulin)

• Multiple daily injections
• Carbohydrate counting
• Insulin pump therapy
• Hypoglycemia prevention and management


Self-monitoring of blood glucose levels is an important part of diabetes management. Instructions are provided in the use of meters to test blood glucose. Education includes test
administration, results interpretation, and appropriate actions.


Continuing education provides positive problem solving skills that may help clients deal with daily demands of diabetes. The importance of good health habits is emphasized – proper care of skin, feet, teeth and gums, including regular physician, dentist, and ophthalmologist checkups. Acute complications of diabetes can impair quality of life.
Prevention, early warning signs, and treatment of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) are also discussed.

Who May Benefit?

Diabetes is a complex disease requiring a great deal of time and planning by people who live with it. Services are offered to individuals with:
• Pre-diabetes
• Newly diagnosed diabetes
• Previously diagnosed diabetes
• Insulin dependent diabetes
• Non-insulin dependent diabetes

Physician Referral Required

Please contact your primary care physician or endocrinologist for a referral to this program.

Insurance Accepted

Most insurances are accepted for Diabetes Management services.


For an appointment, please call 925.275.6018.

Diabetes Educators

Barbara Reis, RD, CDE, Certified Diabetes Educator
San Ramon Regional Medical Center
South Building
7777 Norris Canyon Road, San Ramon
Phone: 925.275.6018


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