Cardiac Services 

San Ramon Regional Medical Center provides a comprehensive array of cardiac services and the staff can treat most cardiac cases that are referred. Our program is strong from emergency care to diagnosis to medical and surgical treatment, to rehabilitation.

We offer many types of non-invasive and interventional cardiology, and a wide range of surgery from minimally invasive to complex open-heart. Our cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are highly respected, as are our nurses and technicians.

Philosophically we recognize that most patients are frightened at the prospect of a heart procedure, so we try to approach things from the patient’s point of view. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized care to every patient, and our patient satisfaction surveys are confirming.

Feel free to ask us about our statistics. Our cardiac clinical outcomes are impressive. In recognition of our success, we have received several honors and awards over the years, including:

  • 2011 Gold Performance Achievement Award Recognition Level for implementing the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Get with the Guidelines — Heart Failure (Click here)


We attribute the success of our cardiac program to three main factors:

  1. WELL-COORDINATED TEAM Our team is passionate, dedicated, and works well together. We strive to ensure that patients and their families are fully informed and comfortable during every step of treatment. Our cardiologists and surgeons collaborate on every case talking through treatments step by step. We have extensive experience in advanced techniques particularly minimally invasive procedures that limit pain and enhance recovery.
  2. ADVANCED FACILITIES All surgeries are performed in our advanced surgery suite that was designed especially for cardiac procedures. Our interventional diagnostics and treatments are handled in our well-equipped digital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.
  3. STANDARDIZED BEST PRACTICES Our cardiac surgeons and cardiac anesthesiologists developed a set of Best Practices that are an invaluable part of our success. Our cardiac team is committed to following these specific protocols designed to improve our outcomes.


Our 24-hour Emergency Department is equipped, and staffed with physicians and nurses experienced in diagnosing and treating heart conditions. Cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and other medical specialists are on-call for emergencies. The hospital is licensed to receive patients by ambulance through the Contra Costa County and Alameda County Emergency Medical Services.

We are a STEMI Receiving Center for Contra Costa County. A STEMI (ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction) is a high-risk heart attack in which the heart muscle begins to die. A STEMI can be reversed by specialized cardiac procedures that are best given within 90 to 120 minutes of the heart attack victim’s first sign of chest pain.


Comprehensive services for diagnosing heart disease include imaging, ultrasound, and cardiac catheterization.

  • Imaging
  • Routine chest X-rays
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Ultrasound
  • Transthoracic echocardiography
  • Transesophageal echocardiography
  • Echocardiography (stress)
  • Bubble Studies

Other diagnostic tests:

  • Nuclear Stress Tests
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Electrocardiography (including signal averaging EKGs)
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Tilt Table Test


Interventional cardiology has transformed the way cardiac patients are treated everywhere, and that is true at San Ramon Regional Medical Center. Many life-saving procedures can be performed in our Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory rather than in the surgery suite. Catheterization procedures are less invasive and generally have fewer complications.

Our Catheterization Lab is staffed with board certified interventional cardiologists, along with a full complement of outstanding licensed radiology technicians and registered nurses. We offer a wide range of procedures, both diagnostic and interventional in the coronary and peripheral systems. Our cardiologists perform angioplasties to treat blocked arteries with bare metal and drug eluting stents, and atherectomy, a procedure to grind plaque in the vessels.

San Ramon Regional Medical Center will be opening a second Cardiac Catheterization Lab with advanced technology in 2012.


San Ramon Regional Medical Center strives to be an early adopter of the advanced surgical techniques particularly in the cardiac field. Whenever possible we use advanced minimally invasive techniques for cardiac surgery. We offer the following techniques:

Mitral Valve Repair Our cardiac surgeons often can rebuild leaky valves and avoid anticoagulants like Coumadin. Artificial valves replacements require a lifetime of anticoagulants. Most patients prefer to avoid them.

Off-Pump/Beating Heart Surgery Our surgeons have adopted the off-pump or beating heart method for cardiac bypass surgery. By performing the bypass without stopping the heart and without using a heart/lung machine, patients generally have fewer complications and a decreased risk of stroke.

Endoscopic Vein Harvesting Healthy blood vessels used for cardiac bypass surgery are removed with a minimally invasive technique. Vessels are harvested with an endoscope through tiny incisions in the leg rather than a full-leg incision. Less muscle and tissue is damaged, and the patient experiences less pain and scarring, and a shorter recovery time. There is lower risk of infection.

MAZE Procedures for Atrial Fibrillation Our cardiac surgeons were first on the West Coast to perform the minimally invasive MAZE surgery for treating atrial fibrillation. The MAZE procedure can be performed with cardiac bypass surgery or valve surgery. The procedure re-directs the erratic electrical impulses that cause the irregular rhythm. Our surgeons have trained other surgeons in the country to perform this procedure.


Cardiac Rehabilitation guides heart patients through recovery offering exercise, weight training, support, and education for healthy lifestyle changes. An exercise physiologist, nurse and physician monitor and work with the patients. A certified dietitian is available for individual counseling with a physician referral.


As a result of evidence-based medicine, we have developed standardized Best Practices designed to improve our outcomes.

  • Minimize blood loss and the use blood products As a hospital with a Blood Conservation Program, we use surgical techniques to reduce blood loss in surgeries. We use a special instrument that determines the smallest dosage of anti-coagulant medication necessary for each patient.
  • Improve neurological outcomes We are proud of our low stroke record.
  • Reduce non-cardiac complications We strive to reduce pulmonary infections, sternal infections, and renal failure.
  • Enhance recovery Respiratory tubes are removed in most patients on the average of five hours after surgery. We encourage patients to get out of bed, and walk to build their strength, help them resist infections and recover faster.


We want our patients to be comfortable with their hospital experience before, during and after care. Nurses make a difference in the patient’s overall experience. Our nurses go out of their way to give each person the support they need. In a pre-operative meeting our cardiac surgery nurse director meets with each patient and family to educate them on what to expect. We ask about personal preferences, and any fears or concerns. Then we share the information with the entire care team.

During the surgery or procedure our cardiac team functions like a well-oiled machine, both in the operating room and out. After surgery a professional team of respiratory therapists, dietitians, and physical therapists, work with each patient.

We are extremely proud of our cardiac program, and our outcomes reflect the expertise and professionalism you can expect at San Ramon Regional Medical Center.


For referrals to cardiologists and cardiac surgeons on staff at San Ramon Regional Medical Center, you may call 800.284.2878, or visit Find a Physician on this Web site.


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