Childbirth Education Classes 
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Meet the obstetrics nurses and see our Family Birthing Center (labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum care) first hand. Delivery options will be discussed and your questions answered. Twice monthly - Tuesday evening or Saturday morning. No fee.

Preparation for Labor and Delivery
A Lamaze series designed to prepare women and their support person(s) for labor and birth. Course content includes relaxation, Lamaze breathing, and physiology of labor and birth. Variations in labor, medication alternatives, epidural, and Cesarean delivery also are discussed. Labor support and what to expect during the post-partum period are included. Available in an evening series or a one-day Saturday session. Additionally offered is a Lamaze series including breastfeeding instruction. Fee.

Sibling Preparation
This class is designed to help siblings three and older adjust to the birth of the new baby. Some of the topics discussed include feeding and eating habits, crying, and how to be mom's big helper. Child should be 3 years old at the time of the class and must be accompanied by the parent(s). Please bring a baby picture of your child. Fee.

Infant Safety
This 2-hour class focuses on developing a home environment that is baby safe for the newborn to one year old. First aid infant CPR overview included. Participants will not receive CPR certification. Fee.

Newborn Care
This class is designed to acquaint prospective parents with the how-to's of baby care. Bathing, dressing, comforting, as well as normal newborn characteristics and behavior will be discussed. Partners are encouraged to attend. Fee. 

Breastfeeding for Beginners
A nurse lactation educator teaches essential information on how to breastfeed successfully. She separates the facts from the myths about breastfeeding. The class offers a practical guide for new parents and partners/support person, who are strongly encouraged to attend. Topics covered include: breast anatomy, the first feeding, latching and positioning, composition of milk, returning to work, pumping and storage and most frequently experienced problems. Fee.

For schedules and registration, please call 800.284.2878 or visit the online Events Calendar. Select the topic, Maternity Services.

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