For Physicians 
We believe that building relationships with physicians is a major way to secure a successful future in the rapidly evolving health care industry. Our facility offers a wide variety of rewarding and challenging practice opportunities as a medical staff member.

Find Opportunities
Check here to find and inquire about a physician opportunity at our facility.

Physician Portal
If you are a physician on staff with proper authorization, you may access the Physician Portal for your facility.

Join our Medical Staff
If you are interested in joining the Medical Staff of San Ramon Regional Medical Center, please complete the attached Request for Medical Staff Application.

*Note: Not all hospitals use the Physician Portal, check with your physician representative to see if this is available at your facility.

 HPF(Horizon Patient Folder) WEBSTATION

Step 1: Do you have an eTenet UserID and Password?

Your eTenet UserID is generally your firstname.lastname (ie. John.Smith).

Your eTenet Password must contain at least eight characters and include at least one capital letter, lowercase letter and numeral. Your password cannot contain your first or last name. If you do not have an eTenet userID, or if you have forgotten your password, please call  275-8343 or 275-8203 for assistance.

STEP 2: Do you have a Medical Records UserID and Password?

Your Medical Records UserID is generally your last name (space) first initial (ie: Smith J).

Your Medical Records Password has been reset for this conversion to all lowercase (ie: if your password was Sparky7 it is now sparky7).  You will be prompted to change this password during your initial log-in. If you do not have an eTenet userID, or if you have forgotten your password, please call 275-8343 or 275-8203 for assistance.

STEP 3: Download Citrix Client

Log-on to In the upper right hand corner, check to see if you have the most current citrix version available. If not, download the citrix client.

STEP 4: Launch HPF Webstation

Log-on to the Tenet Enterprise Application Portal using your eTenet UserID and Password.

Click on the HPF H4 Webstation Icon

STEP 5:  Sign-On

Enter your Medical Records UserID and Password  using all lowercase.



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